My full github repo is here: A few highlighted items are:

Mahana Mailinator Test (for PHPUnit)

A PHPUnit extension for email functional testing. Based on my Mahana Mailinator API wrapper, it lets you retrieve the test email and run a variety of assert statements.

Mahana Messaging Library (for CodeIgniter)

A small library to help jump start your internal messaging system, for the CodeIgniter framework. Setup to "snap" right on to your existing users table for easy deployment, and handles multi-lingual error messages. An unusual feature is the ability to add a new participant to a thread and allow them to see all messages on that thread from before they joined, so they can catch up on the conversation.

Mahana Hierarchy Library (for CodeIgniter)

Codeigniter library to handle data in a parent-child hierarchy, using a "lineage" system to make page rendering a breeze. Read more about it here

Credit Card Helper

A simple function to determine what type of credit card is being used based on the card number. I made some attempt to order checks by popularity of the cards & to reduce the number of checks used, rather than the more traditional "brute force" method of running it through a series of regex's. Uses a Luhn (mod 10) algorithm to check validity of card.

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