The Mahana Bitfield Library for Settings Sanity

Tag: PHP v5.0+

Driven crazy with all the flags being constantly added to your tables? Migrations files stacked higher than the *other* Jeff Madsen's poker chips at a championship game? Have no fear!

The Mahana Bitfield Library is a simple and useful library. Using Bitfield Masking we can condense up to 31 separate flags to a single integer setting in much the same way that Unix permission are used.

The READ.ME explains the setup, but in short, you 1) created a new class that inherits from MahanaBitfield abstract class, 2) set up the flags you want in your new class, 3) there is no three - you just use it now.

So given a set of flags such as:

public $flags = [
    'flag1' => 0,
    'flag2' => 1,
    'flag3' => 2,

You can set each one to true or false. The bitmasking calculates a unique value for that particular arrangement. Each flag's `value` is double the preceding one, and all the "true" settings are added up.

$settings = [
    'flag1' => true,
    'flag2' => false,
    'flag3' => true,

// 1 + 0 + 4 = 5

$settings = [
    'flag1' => false,
    'flag2' => true,
    'flag3' => true,

// 0 + 2 + 4 = 6

Those values are not anything you even have to worry about - it is all calculated internally. If you need to get or set a particular flag, use:

$user_settings->flag1 = true;

// or

$flag1 = $user_settings->flag1

The array methods `getFlags` and `setFlags` were made to allow you to easily pass values back and forth from your forms.

Special thanks to Dan Cowell whose suggestions greatly improved the usability.

Hope that helps!

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